Free Online Parenting and teaching task management platform with built-in incentive mechanisms, including financial awards, for kids; a platform where parents can assign daily tasks to children and track and reward for doing the tasks

  • What is incentive parenting? How correct incentive works?

    A parent will argue that they do not want to reward their child to do the right thing, because they think it is bribery. 

    But a bribe is defined in the dictionary as paying someone to do something illegal or immoral. We never bribe kids to do bad things. It turns out we aren’t talking about bribes (or incentives) at all. What the parents may be worried is that the child can extort the parent for doing a chore that he is supposed to do. 

    The difference is who sets the rules and who is in control. If the parent discusses with the child, offers a reward if the child does what is asked of them and then pays off, the parent is in charge and it is truly a reward. The child will likely behave well in the future. Incentives require advance planning.


  • Motive is everything

    When designing task groups and cycles, parent objectives determine outcomes, they come out of parent true intentions. The task actions should thus reflect parent true intentions and they are also determined by parent true intentions. 

  • Consistent communication is important

    The parenting task assignment and performance history records in this system serve as a consistent communication mechanism. As we often forget what was exactly said and requested to and of children, they often get confused or may be put into conflicts. The feelings connoted in oral words can also cause misunderstanding. Clean and accurate parenting communications serve the purpose for being caring, as when communication is difficult the sign of love is obscured. 

  • What is habit?

    A habit is an act or a set of acts that are done routinely without thinking.
  • What is doable task?

    A doable task is an act that can be done no matter what the result is. Example doable tasks for kids: make bed; read a book; wash dishes; clean room; run a mile; walk dog; play piano for half an hour; do homework between 7-8pm; go to school everyday; go to gym every thursday; eat less; do maths exercise for 1 hour; write an essay every friday; memorize 20 new words.