Free Online Parenting and teaching task management platform with built-in incentive mechanisms, including financial awards, for kids; a platform where parents can assign daily tasks to children and track and reward for doing the tasks


Tiger mom does not have to be tiger mom.

This is how parenting is currently about

BUT there is another way. Incentive parenting works

For incentives to work, you need to do some planning. Read more about incentives from child therapist. 

If you have trouble to manage parenting activities under a budget, you are entitled to find a less stressful way to administer your kid’s behaviors, to keep track your kid’s activities, to encourage you kid in good habits, or to train your kid on persistence and will power, here is a system that helps you just do that.

With this system, you can set up a dummy escrow account to provide and tract incentives to your children, you may turn the reward record into real financial awards if you choose to do so.  

With the system, kids will have a choice to earn real money allowance from parents or teachers, will be able to use the system to add smaller awards into achieving bigger goals, even financial goals that parents will be so happy to allow.

How to Use the System:

After registering, to link a child/parent/teacher account, go to My Profile at the upper right corner of your browser screen, use both the users Username and Secrete Key to link the accounts. An invitation will be sent, the invited users need to go to MY INVITATION on the left column to either accept or reject the invitation.

Once a child/student is added, parent/teacher can start to assign tasks to the child.

Once a parent/teacher is added, a child can start to accept tasks.

To award performance, parent or teacher users need to set up a dummy escrow account, and child users need to set up a piggybank account and a goal. At this point of the system, no transfer of real money is made by the system, parent or teacher can award the child in person when the piggybankaccount goal is reached.

Child users can view your daily piggybank account progress at VIEW PROGRESS.

Parent users can view your children daily piggybank account progress at VIEW PROGRESS.

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