Free Online Parenting and teaching task management platform with built-in incentive mechanisms, including financial awards, for kids; a platform where parents can assign daily tasks to children and track and reward for doing the tasks

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About Hakutata Incentive Parenting Management Platform

And Tiger Mom Does Not Have to Be Tiger Mom-- researches show that incentive parenting and teaching works.

Here is what Warren Buffett says about teaching kids about money. Incentives do not need to be in cash, they may be in the form of a written promise. 

For Incentives to work, it needs planning.  Read more about incentives, and other parents' success stories. 

Parenting is one of the most stressful job in the world (read), it can be so high that it is often the cause of marriage breakdown.

Hakutata task and incentive management system allows parents (and teachers) to plan for incentives and to set a budget, to track performance and progress of kids in reaching their goals. Parents will have a choice to turn the awards into financial incentives. There are many examples why financial incentives have advantages to other kind of incentives.

Hakutata task and incentive management system allows kids to accumulate daily awards in a dummy piggybank account that has a goal, and to reach a bigger goal through finishing daily tasks and assignments.

With a tracked parenting, therefore, both parents and children become aware what is working, what needs more time.

 Parents and teachers in the local community can form interest groups to help each other and exchange ideas. 

With built-in incentive mechanism in the system, our goal is to help parents, teachers and kids interact with each other with love and ease, to minimize the tensions between parenting and teaching and growing, and to build community and fellowship with each other’s independent interests and goals in mind. 

Why goal-oriented living is helpful to reduce stress, the science of how brain works:

How to Use the System:

After registering, to link to a child/parent/teacher account, go to My Profile at the upper right corner of your browser screen, use both the Username and Secrete Key to link to the account of interest. An invitation will be sent, the invited user need to go to MY INVITATION on the left column to either accept or reject the invitation.

Once a child/student is added, parent/teacher can start to assign tasks to the child.

Once a parent/teacher is added, a child can start to accept tasks.

It is recommended that the assigned tasks be doable tasks, so that a child can do it, instead of results oriented tasks (getting a A in school) that a child or even an adult does not know how to do it.

Example doable tasks for kids: make bed; read a book; wash dishes; clean room; run a mile; walk dog; play piano for half an hour; do homework between 7-8pm; go to school everyday; go to gym every thursday; eat less; do maths exercise for 1 hour; write an essay every friday; memorize 20 new words, etc.

To award performance, parent or teacher users need to set up a dummy escrow account for budgeting awareness, and child users need to set up a dummy piggybank account and a goal. After a child's goal is reached, parents or teachers can choose to award the child in person with real financial incentives.

Child users can view your daily piggybank account progress at VIEW PROGRESS

Parent users can view your childs daily piggybank account progress at VIEW PROGRESS

To get to know your neighbors, please have an introduction about you in your About Me

As we go on with the process, we will post more materials to help you design tasks and to become more aware for keystone tasks for building good habits.

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